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A Party Meeting for General Branch and Branch Secretaries
On December 2nd, the Party Committee of Ningshing Holdings held a meeting on the 28th floor of Tianning Building. Ms. Gao Ping, Secretary of the Ningshing Holdings Party Committee, and other 12 key members attended the meeting.Before the conference, all the participants visited the newly-built exhibition hall which embodied the development and the Party history of Ningshing. At the meeting, the secretaries exchanged reports on the development, the achievements, the difficulties in 2021 and the ideas of party building for 2022, and discussed topics such as how to strengthen self-construction and standardize the management of party members. At the same time, Ms. Zhang Huihong, Director of the office of the Party Committee, summarized and reported the completion of the thematic series of activities of the Party Committee of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, and put forward specific arrangements for the next step, such as standardizing the development of party members, comprehensively sorting out the files of party members, and continuously promoting the check-up of migrant Party members.Finally, Ms. Gao Ping, Secretary of the Party Committee, put forward three requirements for the work. She stressed that we should learn the notification requirements, organize party members to conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and draw strength for the company's future development. Secondly, we should focus on how to play the leading role of party organizations and party members, and put forward ideas for party building work in year 2022. Thirdly was to unify thoughts and clarify the requirements for key tasks such as the development of party members and the construction of party building positions.
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